If you’re like me and do most of your work virtually with clients then getting things signed can often be a bit of a pain.  This is especially true with things like contracts.

When you start working with someone on a project, you very often need to get the contract signed quickly so you can start on the work as soon as possible. So sending out a contract and waiting for someone to sign it and post it back can take up too much time.  The other alternative is to email the contract so the other person can print out the signature page, sign and scan it, and then email it back to you.  But let’s face it, do you really want to have to ask potential clients to spend their precious time printing stuff out and fiddling around with a scanner?!

Well no more!  Read on to find out how to sign documents the easy way.

I use a service called EchoSign (there are alternatives by the way), which means that I can get contracts signed literally within minutes of sending them out.  You just upload your contract in PDF format to the EchoSign document library, add in the signature, name and date fields for both you and the other signatory, save the document and then email it out – all from within EchoSign itself.

Once the other person has signed the contract, you get an email from EchoSign to let you know and once both of you have signed, a PDF copy of the signed contract is emailed to both parties.

So rather than asking your potential clients to waste their precious time scanning and emailing pieces of paper back to you, all they need to do is spend a few seconds adding their signature to a PDF document.  And the whole system is automated so EchoSign automatically sends out the emails through each step of the process.

It also makes you look far more professional to your clients; in fact, I’ve had a few clients say how impressed they are with the service because I’ve made it easy for them to sign my contracts.  And considering I’m in the business of helping people focus more of their time on their important work, that’s a big plus for me!
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