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Why Your Email Marketing Is Not Working

Posted by in Email marketing

Are you one of those people who isn’t sure whether their email marketing activities are attracting the right kind of leads to their business? Perhaps you just set up an email marketing account and started sending out newsletters to people on your list. But have you taken the time to analyse what is actually working and more importantly, what is not working, with your email marketing campaigns? Failure to analyse your email marketing will result in your efforts being a waste of time. See my blog: Why It’s Important to Analyse Your Email...

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How Customizable are WordPress Templates?

Posted by in Websites

WordPress is often marketed as a quick and easy way for people to create their own website. But I know from managing people’s WordPress websites that many business owners get confused with  the technical side of setting up WordPress templates and themes.  There’s a lot of talk about HTML, PHP, CSS and confusing abbreviations which don’t mean a lot to many people! So how customizable are WordPress Templates? Template files are used to build the basic framework of your WordPress site.  They include blog pages, web pages and sidebars, and can be...

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How much do lost hours cost your business?

Posted by in Time management

Here in the UK, we officially entered into spring by putting our clocks forward by an hour at the weekend. As business owners, we know time is precious so to suddenly lose an hour is quite a shock.  It makes us realise how much we need to value our time and not just let it slip through our fingers. See my blog post “Are you investing in your time or just spending it?” which talks about the importance of investing in your time. Let’s face it, most of us are guilty of losing an hour every day on activities that distract us...

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Why Every Start-Up Entrepreneur Should Have Virtual Support

Posted by in Virtual Assistant

Establishing a new company can be hard work especially if you are attempting to do everything on your own. While being the sole director allows you to manage and oversee these start-up phases, you can end up doing a poorer job as a result. After all, you may spread yourself too thin having to allocate time to too many jobs. To help you prioritise your schedule while still getting everything done, we’d recommend hiring some sort of virtual support for the following reasons. Reduced Costs and Effort First of all, outsourcing tasks such as...

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The 5 Advantages of Permission Based Email Marketing

Posted by in Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective way of attracting leads to your business and turning those leads into paying clients.  As email marketing becomes popular with businesses, it naturally attracts those people who want to get quick results without any effort, commonly known as spammers. Spamming people is a serious waste of time and money because if people don’t recognise the sender or the email looks suspicious then they will send the message straight to the junk folder or hit the delete button.  It can also damage your reputation as a reputable...

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How to Add Twitter Feed to WordPress

Posted by in Social media, Websites

In this video, I will show you how you can add Twitter feed to WordPress so you can connect with your website visitors and start a conversation with them.  Adding your Twitter feed to your website or blog, will show people that you are an ongoing business that likes to share and engage with their online contacts. So don’t miss the opportunity to connect with people who land on your website – watch the video below to find out how to add Twitter feed to WordPress. So now you know how to use Twitter search, check out our free guide...

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3 Online Tools to Increase Productivity

Posted by in Organisation, Time management

In this video, I’m going to share with you 3 online tools to increase productivity.  These are tools that I use to help me work more productively and ensure that I’m working on the most important tasks at any one time. The 3 tools are: ToDoist – An easy to use tool to set up and manage your to do list, set deadlines and recurring tasks, add notes and labels and receive a daily email reminding you of what tasks are due that day. Workflowy – A very simple tool which you can use to set down your tasks, take notes, keep a...

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5 Ways to automatically share WordPress posts to social networks

Posted by in Social media

I’ve been having a bit of a spring clean lately.  Getting rid of old stuff that you no longer need is great but I also came across some things that I’d forgotten about.  How often do you go out and buy something new and then realise that you had something similar hidden away in a cupboard?  I came across a few things that I’d forgotten about but could put to good use. It’s the same with blog posts.  I’ll think of a good topic to write and then I’ll realise that I’ve already written a blog on a similar topic. Now that blog post is still...

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10 Myths about Ebooks

Posted by in Online marketing

Sharing your knowledge using Ebooks is a great way to raise your profile and attract leads to your business.  But many people are put off doing them because they see it as too much hard work or because they don’t see themselves as having the skills to create an Ebook to offer to their online audience. So here are 10 myths about Ebooks that should help dispel any doubts you have. There are too many Ebooks already.  Rise above the competition by ensuring that your Ebook is aimed at overcoming a challenge or issue that your target market is...

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7 Ways to Use SlideShare to Get More Blog Traffic

Posted by in How to, Online marketing

Content marketing is a great way to attract leads to your business.  But not everyone likes to read a lot of text so are put off by long blogs and articles.  Reuse your blog content to attract people who prefer to take in information visually.  You can do this using SlideShare to share PowerPoint presentations online via social media and your blog. Here are 7 ways to use SlideShare to get more blog traffic. On your blog.  Highlight key points from a blog for those people who prefer a quick read.  Embed the SlideShare presentation in to your...

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