Valerie Eaton is a PA of the highest calibre, with strong organisational skills and utter reliability.

Valerie is capable of the simultaneous management of multiple, complex tasks (including in De Beers’ case, for example, arranging the international import and export of multi-million dollar jewellery pieces).

She naturally collaborates with others; her personal style is defined by calmness (Valerie is totally unflappable), co-operation and a quiet good humour.

Most importantly, in briefing Valerie with any job, I knew it would be completed with confident professionalism.

I recommend her to you without reservation.

David Lamb – former Executive Director, De Beers Group

Valerie is always professional, accessible and extremely patient! Her knowledge of WordPress websites is extremely helpful and her input on the ‘techie stuff’ has saved me hours of heartache and frustration. Also, her knowledge and advice on various online services etc have helped me to ‘know what I don’t know’ and guide me accordingly.

On the whole, the service Valerie provides is right on the money. She is always prompt and efficient and where there looked as though there might be a delay, she informed me in good time, often making suggestions for alternative ways of addressing the situation. Valerie always behaves with the utmost professionalism, with the occasional glimpse of her mischievous sense of humour. I would definitely use Valerie’s service in the future and would be happy to recommend her to other business owners.

Kuumba Nia –

Valerie make things simple, clear and stress free, and is very efficient. She enabled me to get my email marketing set up on Aweber with the minimum of fuss. For a techno baby like myself, Valerie made it all feel really easy. Plus she is very approachable and I didn’t feel embarrassed to ask any of my daft questions. The service that I received was good value for money and was delivered promptly and efficiently. Valerie was professional and courteous and I would definitely use her services again in the future.

Rona Steinberg – Out Loud Coaching

Thank you. You are such a great help with all of this [online marketing]. We have managed to sort out in one day, what has taken me years to trying to figure out by myself. Imagine how much money I could have saved had I known you from the start!

Sofie Haag – From Sweden Productions

Debbie Winter – Voice Workshop