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Virtual PA Services for Self-Employed Professionals

Helping clients to grow their income and move their business forward

Smart VA specialises in providing virtual assistant services to growing small businesses and self-employed professionals who want to become more organised and effective in their day to day activities so they can focus their full attention on their client work.

Is this you?

  • Your workload is growing and you’re feeling overwhelmed by the increasing demands on your time?
  • You hate doing admin and find it mind-numbingly dull?
  • You waste time doing minor admin tasks and end up struggling to get work done?

If this sounds like you then we can help

We can handle those dreaded admin tasks that you dislike doing so you have more time to spend doing the work that you do enjoy.

As you know, running a business can be stressful in itself. Just think what it would be like if you had someone to handle the back office tasks while you focus your time and energy on the important stuff such as client work and earning money for your business.

So stop struggling with tasks that you hate doing and spend more time on looking after existing clients and attracting new ones..

Find out about our virtual assistant services and how we help clients save time and money in their business.virtual assistant services

Valerie Eaton

Hi, I’m Valerie Eaton, the owner of Smart VA and I have over 20 years experience working as a PA at senior level. I have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that Smart VA provides first class virtual assistant and online marketing support.

Think about it, when you are doing these non-fee earning tasks yourself, you are doing them at your hourly rate. We will handle these tasks far more quickly and at a much lower hourly cost than if you were to do them yourself. Also, there are no additional staff or overhead costs as we work from our own office based in London.

By outsourcing your non-fee earning projects to us, you will have less stress in your workload and more time to focus on what’s important to build a profitable and successful business.

Now you know how we help clients save time and money in their business, find out more about who we work with.

Latest news

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